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TOP Training Camps and Coaching Seminars Policies


During 2016, the TOP program was launched and several camps, as well as a coaching clinic took place. As we continue to build the TOP program, it is our objective to provide value to the athletes and coaches for any event that we plan. The following presents TOP Training Camp and Coaching Seminar policies. Associations or Clubs wanting to organize TOP activities must fulfill the requirements outlined in this document in order to ensure the best result possible for athletes and coaches.

With this in mind, it is important to structure events with the following elements in place:

  • An appropriate level of leadership and expertise
  • A good level of logistical planning
  • An event facility with appropriate equipment and space,
  • A budget that supports travel and staff honoraria

Key planning for TOP activities

  1. TOP camps will have a minimum of 12 archers, who are at a reasonable level of shooting, and are a minimum age of 14.
  2. If a coaching seminar is to be facilitated in parallel, it should have a minimum of 5 coaches.
  3. TOP staff will be a minimum of 2 people, with logistical support from the host. If a coaching seminar is planned, TOP staff will likely be 3 people.
  4. A standard Camp will run over 2 full days, typically Saturday/Sunday.
  5. The host will bear the costs associated with the camp and compensate TOP for its expenses as outlined below, section (h).
  6. Hosts will be responsible for securing a shooting facility of at least 18 metres and with enough target butts to accommodate archers at a maximum of 4 per butt. Targets are also the responsibility of the organizers.
  7. Organizers will be responsible for providing lunch to athletes, coaches and TOP staff.  Lunches should accommodate the dietary requirements of a high performance athlete. If any food allergies are applicable, TOP staff will communicate this to organizers.
  8. Expenses are $1,700 /per staff member and are inclusive of travel, accommodations and honoraria. Additional costs might be added due to supplementary travel expenses, longer camps, etc. Upon request, TOP will be able to evaluate more precisely the costs of a specific activity.
  9. Optimal coach/athlete ratio is approximately 1 coach per 6 athletes.
  10. Cost to the athlete or coach should be in the $100-$150 range.

Information Requested from Member Associations or Clubs

In order to plan any event, specific information is requested from interested Archery Canada member provincial/territorial associations or clubs. Please provide us accurate information across the following areas.

Event venue

  • Archery range(s) (indoor / outdoor, # of targets, distance)
  • Meeting space (how many people)
  • Electronics (screen & projector)
  • Location

Archer Camp

  • Number of archers by age group, gender and equipment division
  • Range of capability of archers
  • Any additional metrics

Coaching Seminar

  • Number of coaches by gender
  • Range of coach education (NCCP)

Local staffing

  • Camp organizers
  • On-site Management
  • Number of volunteers
  • Tasks assignment

Potential Dates

  • Minimum of three potential dates
  • Allow sufficient delays for response from TOP officials

For all additional information regarding TOP training camps and seminars, please contact Marc Gagnon.