CanBow offers young archers under the age of 21 an opportunity to improve their shooting skills and knowledge.

This programme allows the beginner archer to:

  • Enjoy the sport of archery
  • Increase competency
  • Learn more about the sport
  • Earn badges
  • Earn national certificates

Teachers and coaches:

The four level programme provides a framework for your new youth programme or compliments your existing archery activities.

This programme is adaptable to either indoor or outdoor facilities.

This programme provides the teacher or coach with:

  • Programme start up information for your school/club
  • Performance AND knowledge measurement parameters to rate students’ skill acquisition
  • Class progressions
  • Promotional aids
  • Teaching aids


Level 1:

Basic Form and Safety

(4 badge progressions)

Level 2:

Competency and Basic Equipment Knowledge (4 badge progressions)

Level 3:

Increased Skill and Physiology

(5 badge progressions)

Level 4:

National Skill Level and Tournament Preparation (13 badge progressions)

Participants are awarded a FCA certificate upon the successful completion of each level.  There is also a special “300” FITA 18M certificate given for top-level competency.

Each Start Up Kit contains:

·40 badges for progression in level 1

·10 wall charts

·1 Guidebook

·1 certificate order form

·1 badge order form

·1 report card

Canbow Order Form