Membership Database Instructions

Ianseo Membership (Registrant) Database Instructions

How can I access the Registrant Database?

The database is accessed via the ianseo system at:

Any registrant of Archery Canada (AC) may access the database basic list to find their own registrant number etc. If their Club or Provincial Membership/Registrant Chair has added an email address, then they may log into their own information by requesting a password. This is achieved by clicking on the 'Login' button, entering the registrant number and clicking on the 'Forgot your Password?' link, this will generate an email to the registered email with a temporary password, the member then has 3 hours to log on and change the password to their own and then they may edit their own details. Details such as Judge/Coach status cannot be accessed and can only be changed by the appropriate AC authority.

Or the database can be accessed for verifying Archery Canada registrants, the search menus will show current registrant status.

How can I log in?

Normally your email will be entered into the system ( by going to that site, you will see a list of all registrants in the system, you can log on IF your email is in the system. Clicking on 'Log On' You will see the log on screen, you enter your email address there and if there is an email in the system you can use the 'Forgot Password' link, which will generate a password that is emailed to you. If not, you have to ask your club, Provincial or National secretary to enter your email first.

All logins to the protected areas (granting of privileges) of the database will be controlled by Archery Canada, requests for passwords by registrants coordinators must be coordinated by Archery Canada by mailing  Provincial Chairs can grant club level privilege. Normally AC will only work directly with Provinces and Territories, however, it is recognized that they may be times when direct access will be afforded.

Normally Club and or Provincial Membership/Registrant Chair will add the email addresses to registrant's files, they may also add a password when entering the details for each member, however, the process above is encouraged.

Club logos and member pictures can also be loaded for use on membership cards and ID tags.

Competitions Menu

This is associated with the Scoring/Ranking system and is for is for registering, reporting and maintaining tournaments, ranking and scoring please see the FAQs for that system.

Granting/Revoking Privilege

Club Membership Chairs will normally receive privilege for their club via the Provincial Membership Chair. To remove privilege 'Ctrl Click'.

Family Memberships/Registrants

Archery Canada gives a discount for families, 3 or more registrants at the same residence (minimum 3). Families can be grouped together for the purposes of Archery Canada's family registrant discount and for ease of renewal. The program defines a family as 3 or more members linked together. After entering a new member or editing an existing member there is a 'Head Of Family' check box, clicking denotes this person as the family head (does not have to be an adult if only children are members in the same family), which will open another box asking for the second adult and a child. Save these changes , once saved an additional drop box will appear for more children. Select any remaining children and save. The family will now be shown together in the renewal process. Sex is not a criteria for Head or any member of the family. Remember, you will not see the 'Head of Family' tab until the archer is entered and saved.

Importing larger lists

This can be done, but must be done at the admin level or higher, contact the Archery Canada Program Coordinator, who will guide you throught the process..

You must be very careful with the data (leading and trailing spaces, commas etc) all data must be correct for the fields.

How can I generate a Club or Provincial List?

Use the Archer Search tab and enter in the characteristics of your club or other criteria, when the list is presented, 'copy' the data to a spreadsheet and format it for printing or display. (click and drag down from the Archer title). Then paste the data into Excel or the program of your choice. Alternately you can click on the Excel or Adobe buttons at the top right to generate a list in those formats.

How can I delete an archer and/or club?

Deleting an entry in a complex relational database is a dangerous matter, so rather than delete, mark them as inactive or overwrite. Entries cannot be deleted. If you have a member or club number that needs to be blank insert -TBA- in the name field and leave all other fields blank. Inactive archers are archers who no longer shoot or are members, they can always be made active again if they come back. Archers who are deceased and their information no longer required should be marked inactive, meaning they will not show on any searches. Do not overwrite entries unless they do not have any associated information such as tournaments shot etc as this information will also be attached to the 'new' entry. Files that for what ever reason have not been done correctly can be overwritten as long as they are not associated with active shooters at anytime.

Membership/Registrants #s

Remember when you want to generate a new number to first put your unique Provincial identifier (eg AB) in first then generate the number. If you want a group such as a family with concurrent numbers you must enter them all together. If you are logged on as a Provincial or Club the system will know your prefix and enter it automatically.

Moving Registrants to another club or province

The Registrant number assigned has to stay with the archer as all their tournament and other information is stored in that file, so, for example, if an archer with the number BC123 moves from BC to Ontario, that archer retains the registrant number BC123, either the BC or ON membership person uses the 'move to club' link at the bottom of the Archer Detail window (search archer/edit). The same procedure is used for when an archer moves from club to club. In this case the BC prefix should be changed to ON by the Provincial level privilege, so that it is certain everyone is informed of the move. Note - the date of movement to a new club, or province, must be done in the past, if you attempt to make the change on the date you are working on, you will have to wait a day (at least) to make another change to that record.

Required Fields

Remember, you must enter in all the minimum information for each entry (person) – ID#, Family Name, Given Name, DOB, Gender and Club, if you do not you may not be able to change the information later and will have to get assistance. If you do not have the correct information, you can enter ‘known’ data, that you have recorded, for instance you might have a birth date that you can use and comeback to later to change (something like 1900-01-01). We recommend the use of this date as the default date for those that you do not have a birth date for.


An Active archer is someone who is participating in archery activities and will probably renew in the next year or so. Inactive members are those who have not renewed for a number of years and may return at some point. Inactive archers are not shown on listings. An member who has not renewed is different from an inactive archer. 

Remember that archers who we know are deceased cannot be deleted and should be marked inactive, do not overwrite their data.

Renewing Members/Registrants

Yearly, ACC will set the expiration date (for example:  2017/12/31) - all registrants in the system will show in the renewal system as red


A Yellow 'Archers Renewal' tab will show under the Blue 'Clubs' tab Club privilege users will see all the members that have been entered in their club.

Club Level Privilege will see all their archers in red.

Clicking on the 'Renew' button (note there is also a 'Renew all Family' button for when a family all renews at once) will raise the renewal process to Province level. Background colour changes to blue and the button changes to 'revert' (in case the user wants to change back).

Families can be renewed together.


A registrant logged on with Provincial Privilege can renew for both Clubs and for the Province. If renewing for a club, the instructions above apply.

The "Province level" renewal process follows the same pattern as the club level, but raises the renewal to Federation level and has the blue background that turns yellow.

Logically, a Province that renews on behalf of a club raises the renewal directly to federation (background goes from red directly to yellow), but in case of back-change falls back to blue background.

As with the clubs, Families can be renewed together.


The Archery Canada will monitor the system and when payment is received for a given archer (they will be shown by then in Yellow), if the Federation clicks on the renewal button, the background will turn white, the "registered till" field will have the expiration date set above and the button will change into "revert".

A reload of the page after the renewal will make the renewed archers disappear.

Federation can renew on behalf of clubs and provinces. Clicking on "renew" will directly renew the archer to its final state, while clicking "revert" will return the archer to "Province level", regardless its initial level.

As usual, Families can be renewed together.

Note these changes are only reflected on the Archers Renewal tab

Printing Membership Cards

Membership Cards can be printed from within the system, from the Club Tab, dropdown to Club Print Outs and print the style of card desired, there are 3 different styles. The cards have a place for the registrant's picture, however, this is not required to print.

There are 4 choices:

ID cards (4 per page) - this prints out ID badges 3.75 x 5.25, these are usully used for access seldom as a membership card

PVC-card (credit card format) This will print one card, intended for future use when a pvc (like credit card) printer is available

Business cards (10 per page) - prints out a business cards for the member showing his membership information - always prints 10

Small ID cards (10 per page) - prints our membership cards, up to 10 per page.

Individuals can print their own cards, by simply clicking on either of the two icons in the upper rigtht had corner of the 'Archer Detail' window (the window that comes up as the result of a search). This will print 'business cards' or ID tags complete with picture, Club and Provincial logos. 

Finding Archers

You can use your browsers find (usually Ctrl-f) to quickly find archers

Changing Clubs

If an archer changes clubs anyone with club level (or above) can change the club associated with that archer, just 'search archer', then click on 'Move to Club' at the bottom of the detail that comes up, select the new club from the drop down and enter the effective date and 'save'. If the archer is a head of Family, the entire family can be moved with one button.

Changing Privilege

If you need to change a privilege just click on the new privilege, to remove a privilege use Ctrl (this may be different in other browsers)

Coaches and Judges

There is an area for listing Coach and Judge levels, this is closed for now and is for future use of the AC Coach and Judge committee.

Adult Registrants

Archery Canada considers all registrants 18 and over to be adults, the program checks for this and automatically move archers over 18 into the adult category. The 'roll over' date is December 31st, so the registrant will not be considered 18 until December 31st of the year they turn 18. For example in 2016, archers who are 17 in 2015, will renewed as 18 on 2015-12-31.

Life Members

Honorary or paid Life Members need not have an expiry date and can be added to the system with an 'Until date' of 3000-01-01.